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Sanford, Florida Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services is one of our most popular daily cleaning services. Janitorial services are primarily required by; schools, colleges and universities, offices and buildings and facility management companies.

Our fully-trained personnel are available for daily janitorial cleaning. We carry out full-time and part-time cleaning schedules to suit your cleaning requirements.

At Ekillib Services, LLC, cleaning is at our core – we are the specialists for janitorial cleaning services. We understand that each client’s cleaning requirements are as unique as their business. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions, custom built especially for you.

We are committed to advancement and innovation that ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We comply fully with standards and we always offer green cleaning alternatives wherever possible, where the innovation is suitable for your environment and will not impact on performance.

As an Ekillib Services client, you will have direct access to the Owner with whom you can discuss day-to-day requirements and utilize the logging systems we have in place that will help deliver an overview of the cleaning services provided in a communication log book and also a scope of work..

Our aim is to offer a reliable janitorial cleaning service, delivering the highest standard of clean at a competitive price. For more details on Ekillib's janitorial cleaning services, or to discuss your janitorial cleaning requirements, talk to us today. Cell (386)589-1544

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